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How much traveling have you done over the past few years? Regardless of how many kilometers you have covered you still have an interest in the topic. You can easily buy cheap travel textbooks from us today so you can secure affordable and insightful books on all manner of countries and travel topics. Look out for books on amusement and theme parks around the world, bed and breakfast accommodation, maps and road atlases and parks and campgrounds. We also stock thousands of books on specific parts of the world, such as the Middle East, Europe, Canada and of course the United States as well. Whatever you need you can buy used travel textbooks from us that start from a mere few cents. Why spend a huge amount on text books when you can get the cheapest ones here in pre-owned condition? This is the trick to getting discounted text books from Valore Books.

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Fateful Voyage : Captain Cook's Last Great Voyage by Aughton, Peter ISBN: 9781422390351 List Price: $25.00
Polar Explorers : History Makers Series by Currie, Stephen ISBN: 9781422390481 List Price: $20.00
Journals of Christian Daniel Claus and Conrad Weiser : A Journey to Onandaga 1750 by Doblin, Helga, Doblin, Helg... ISBN: 9781422380024 List Price: $20.00
Tour de France : A Visual History of the World¿s Greatest Bicycle Race by Stuart, James ISBN: 9781422390023 List Price: $23.00
Longest Voyage : Circumnavigators in the Age of Discovery by Silverberg, Robert A. ISBN: 9781422367766 List Price: $20.00
Philadelphia Maps, 1682-1982 : Townships -- Districts -- Wards by Daly, John, Weinberg, Allen ISBN: 9781422367353 List Price: $20.00
Times Square : Celebrating the New Millennium by Scianna, Cosimo, Scianna, C... ISBN: 9781422366424 List Price: $40.00
American Swedish Historical Museum by Palmer, Irene Lucinda ISBN: 9781422365458 List Price: $10.00
Far Beyond the Garden Gate : Alexandra David-Neel's Journey to Lhasa by Brown, Don, Brown, Don ISBN: 9781422358535 List Price: $16.00
Branded Nation : The Marketing of Megachurch, College Inc. , and Museumworld by Twitchell, James B. ISBN: 9781422357620 List Price: $26.00
Travels Amongst the Great Andes of the Equator by Whymper, Edward ISBN: 9781178081060 List Price: $41.75
Costa Rica by Mead, Rowland ISBN: 9781780090160
Madagascar by Schuurman, Derek, Ravelojao... ISBN: 9781847739124
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