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Poems don't often receive the headlines or appreciation they deserve. However, you will find all the books filled with poems you could ever want to read on Valore Books - and then some. Buy cheap poetry textbooks from this vast collection today and dip into a choice of thousands of books - more than one hundred thousand to be exact. These text books are useful for college courses looking into this subject. You can also look for affordable books filled with African poetry, not to mention anthologies, Caribbean and Latin poems and much else besides. If you want to rent cheap poetry textbooks our website makes this just as easy for you. Learn more about the various poets who have existed both in the past and today. With famous titles here as well as many that have not reached a large audience, you can get the deals you want now.

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Poxo : Poems by Chavarria, Isaac ISBN: 9780941720182 List Price: $15.95
Cocker : A Poem in Imitation of Virgil's Georgic by Hallam, Isaac ISBN: 9780947647605
Danta/Poems (English and Irish Edition) by Feiriteir Piaras ISBN: 9780952108184
Massaging the Octopus : A Poem by Riordan, Timothy M. ISBN: 9780962581786 List Price: $10.00
Gone Man Squared : Poems 1959-1966 by Ellis, Royston, Page, Jimmy ISBN: 9780965977791 List Price: $14.95
Poetry of the Pronouns by Lumijnfroost, Peer ISBN: 9780966005530 List Price: $14.95
World Made of Desire by Miller, Carolyn ISBN: 9780966581089 List Price: $180.00
Our Awesome God by Lang, Elaine C. ISBN: 9780974761329 List Price: $12.50
Graft by Heath, Helen ISBN: 9780864737762
Just Then by Ricketts, Harry ISBN: 9780864738226
Australian Poetry Series by Beveridge, Paul Kane ISBN: 9780807600009 List Price: $15.95
Pictures of the Social Dilemma by Kenney, Bill ISBN: 9780806246031
Collected Poems, 1967-1985 by Henri, Adrian ISBN: 9780805282665
Collected Poems, 1967-1985 by Henri, Adrian ISBN: 9780805282672
Tin Cans and Toothpicks : And Other Treasures by Striegel, Dorothy ISBN: 9781434930460 List Price: $39.00
Collection of Poetry by Stapleton, William Fred ISBN: 9781434932310 List Price: $14.00
Abba, Allah, Ama, God the Father by Kelly, Anna ISBN: 9781434932662 List Price: $22.00
Source by Walsh, Donald ISBN: 9781434934925 List Price: $12.00
Passion in Ink by Violeta, Nilsa ISBN: 9781434935366 List Price: $9.00
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