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If you love reading non-fiction at a young age, you'll love the huge array of non-fiction books we have for you to look through. Make sure you buy cheap juvenile nonfiction textbooks from our collection so you get the very best titles in all areas. Look for books on antiques and collectibles or adventure and adventurers. Or how about books on foreign language study or perhaps even health and daily living? Whatever category you need non fiction titles in, you can get some of the cheapest prices you have seen right here today. Whatever you need and however many text books you are looking for, you can buy used juvenile nonfiction textbooks here now. With the likes of Jesus Wants All Of Me, Holt Science and Technology Texas Edition, and Pokemon Trading Card Game to read through, you can see we really do have it all for you to read.

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Energy Security (Essential Issues Set 2) by Marcovitz, Hal ISBN: 9781617147715 List Price: $34.22
What Scares Me... and What I Do about It by Kunkel, Jeff ISBN: 9780613754514 List Price: $22.25
Tampa Bay Rays (Inside Mlb) by Bowker, Paul ISBN: 9781617140600 List Price: $31.35
Colorado Rockies (Inside Mlb) by Howell, Brian ISBN: 9781617140426 List Price: $31.35
Atlanta Braves (Inside Mlb) by Howell, Brian ISBN: 9781617140358 List Price: $31.35
Cleveland Indians (Inside Mlb) by Gitlin, Marty ISBN: 9781617140419 List Price: $31.35
Los Angeles Angels (Inside Mlb) by Wilson, Bernie ISBN: 9781617140471 List Price: $31.35
San Diego Padres (Inside Mlb) by Wilson, Bernie ISBN: 9781617140570 List Price: $31.35
Seattle Mariners (Inside Mlb) by Freedman, Lew ISBN: 9781617140594 List Price: $31.35
Caring for Mama Bear: A Story of Love by Laflamme, Essie, Crane-Yvon... ISBN: 9780981621913 List Price: $7.95
Christopher Columbus: Young Explorer (Childhood of World Figures) by Kudlinski, Kathleen ISBN: 9781424217274 List Price: $18.46
Hearsay: Performance Poems Plus (Red Fox Poetry Books) by Beasley, Paul ISBN: 9780099303626
Vans by Sheffer, H. R., Schroeder, ... ISBN: 9780896862111 List Price: $3.95
Travel by Sea (Junior Reference Ser.) by Hoare, Robert, Unstead, R. J. ISBN: 9780713601190 List Price: $14.95
Look! I can cook by Burdick, Angela ISBN: 9780070089341
Soccer Counts! / El Futbol Cuenta! by McGrath, Barbara Barbieri, ... ISBN: 9781570917943 List Price: $7.95
Cyclops Wearing Flip-Flops (Best of Poetry Inside Out) by Simon, John Oliver ISBN: 9781931883184 List Price: $12.95
Animal Friends: With 16 shaped rubber bands--8 animal bracelets and 8 animal rings! by Random House Staff ISBN: 9780375871832 List Price: $4.99
Psalm 23 "The Lord is my Shepherd. I am His lamb." (Psalms for Kidz) by Moreland, Melanie ISBN: 9780977919413 List Price: $10.00
Simple Machines: Inclined Planes by Bodden, Valerie ISBN: 9780898125795 List Price: $8.99
Jokes, Riddles and Proverbs: In Haitian Creole by Vilsaint, Fequiere ISBN: 9781881839545 List Price: $2.50
36 Hours to Live: The Diary of a Teenage Suicide by Franklin, Craig, Hutchison,... ISBN: 9781885631046 List Price: $13.99
Blue Horses by Miller, Kathryn S. ISBN: 9780880201070 List Price: $2.50
Poe! Poe! Poe! by Miller, Kathryn S. ISBN: 9780886802240 List Price: $3.25
Mets Journal: Year by Year and Day by Day with the New York Mets Since 1962 by Snyder, John ISBN: 9781578604739 List Price: $24.95
Yikang's Day: From Dawn to Dusk in a Chinese City (A Child's Day) by So, Sungwan ISBN: 9781847801999 List Price: $8.95
Short Haul by Henwood, James ISBN: 9780828902847 List Price: $3.95
Teens Talkin' Faith: A Christian Perspective by Trujillo, Michelle L. ISBN: 9780613842846 List Price: $22.20
Ian Botham (Profiles) by Langley, Andrew, Heywood, K... ISBN: 9780241110317 List Price: $8.95
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