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If you love reading non-fiction at a young age, you'll love the huge array of non-fiction books we have for you to look through. Make sure you buy cheap juvenile nonfiction textbooks from our collection so you get the very best titles in all areas. Look for books on antiques and collectibles or adventure and adventurers. Or how about books on foreign language study or perhaps even health and daily living? Whatever category you need non fiction titles in, you can get some of the cheapest prices you have seen right here today. Whatever you need and however many text books you are looking for, you can buy used juvenile nonfiction textbooks here now. With the likes of Jesus Wants All Of Me, Holt Science and Technology Texas Edition, and Pokemon Trading Card Game to read through, you can see we really do have it all for you to read.

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Owl and the Pussycat by Lear, Edward, Wilson, Anne ISBN: 9781422351512 List Price: $16.00
Benjamin Franklin : Inventing America by Gaustad, Edwin S. ISBN: 9781422352274 List Price: $22.00
When I Was Your Age Vol. 2 : Original Stories about Growing Up by Ehrlich, Amy ISBN: 9781422351994 List Price: $17.00
Charles Babbage and the Engines of Perfection by Collier, Bruce, Maclachlan,... ISBN: 9781422350409 List Price: $12.00
Macbeth : Interfact Shakespeare by Harward, Barnaby, Quayson, ... ISBN: 9781422350034 List Price: $25.00
Color Me Pennsylvania : Our Heritage by Mercer, Henry C., Duemler, ... ISBN: 9781422314913 List Price: $12.00
Earthquake! : Beyond Duck, Cover, and Hold by Ponzio, Richard ISBN: 9781422307564 List Price: $35.00
Hooray! It's Passover! by Kimmelman, Leslie ISBN: 9781422393956 List Price: $13.00
Children's English History in Verse by Baker, Kenneth, Stower, Adam ISBN: 9781422390122 List Price: $20.00
George vs. George : The American Revolution as Seen from Both Sides by Schanzer, Rosalyn, Schanzer... ISBN: 9781422368121 List Price: $17.00
My Senator and Me : A Dog's-Eye View of Washington, D. C. by Kennedy, Edward M., Small, ... ISBN: 9781422367919 List Price: $17.00
Time for Kids World Atlas by Garton, Keith, Cutler, Neli... ISBN: 9781422368077 List Price: $11.00
House That Jill Built : A Pop-up Book by Root, Phyllis, Durand, Delp... ISBN: 9781422367568 List Price: $16.00
Explorers by Wilkinson, Philip ISBN: 9781422367278 List Price: $17.00
Dodo : Extinct Species by Green, Tamara, Gibbons, Tony ISBN: 9781422366776 List Price: $15.00
Conditioning : How to Get in Football Shape by Hill, Bert, Watterson, Steve ISBN: 9781422366745 List Price: $20.00
Numbers : Learning Fun for Little Ones! by Diaz, James, Gerth, Melanie ISBN: 9781422366837
Games : Traditions Around the World by Hall, Godfrey ISBN: 9781422366820 List Price: $17.00
Child's Garden : Introducing Your Child to the Joys of the Garden by Muse, Elizabeth St. Cloud, ... ISBN: 9781422366387 List Price: $15.00
Children's Book of Kwanzaa : A Guide to Celebrating the Holiday by Johnson, Dolores ISBN: 9781422366004 List Price: $7.00
Shaker Hearts by Turner, Ann, Minor, Wendell ISBN: 9781422358566 List Price: $11.00
Buffalo Nickel by Morrison, Taylor, Morrison,... ISBN: 9781422358580 List Price: $16.00
Players in Pigtails by Corey, Shana, Gibbon, Rebecca ISBN: 9781422358481 List Price: $17.00
US History Cook Book : Delicious Recipes and Exciting Events from the Past by D'Amico, Joan, Drumond, Kar... ISBN: 9781422358092 List Price: $15.00
Zatchbell! by Raiku, Makoto ISBN: 9781421502083 List Price: $9.99
Pokemon Advanced by Unknown ISBN: 9781421502144 List Price: $39.98
Help Save Our Planet by Brownjohn, Emma ISBN: 9781857077018
All Kinds of Transport by Maclaren, Thando ISBN: 9781857076530
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