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Modelling and Simulation in the Social Sciences from the Philosophy of Science Point of View by Hegselmann, Rainer, Mueller... ISBN: 9780792341253 List Price: $239.00
Handbuch Der Demographie 2: Anwendungen by Mueller, U., Nauck, B., Die... ISBN: 9783540661085 List Price: $87.80
Magnetohydrodynamics in Channels and Containers by Mueller, U., Buehler, L. ISBN: 9783540412533 List Price: $139.00
Athanasius Werke Band 1, Teil 1 : Lfg 2: Orationes I et II Contra Arianos by Metzler-Mueller, Karin, Han... ISBN: 9783110164091
Methods in Sedimentary Petrology by Mueller, German, Schmincke,... ISBN: 9780028493503 List Price: $13.95
Social Stratification and Career Mobility by Mueller, Walter, Mayer, Kar... ISBN: 9789027972484 List Price: $126.00
Economic Evolution and Demographic Change: Formal Models in Social Sciences (Lecture Notes i... by Haag, Gary L., Mueller, U.,... ISBN: 9780387561721 List Price: $72.95
Nutrients in the Nation's Waters, Too Much of a Good Thing? : Usgs Circular 1136 by Mueller, David K., Helsel, ... ISBN: 9781287180524 List Price: $15.75
Post accident debris cooling: Proceedings of the Fifth Post Accident Heat Removal Informatio... by Mueller, U., Guenther, C., ... ISBN: 9783765020346 List Price: $30.00
Grenzbereiche Der Anasthesie Und Intensivmedizin by Nordmeyer, U., Kalff, G., M... ISBN: 9783805554138 List Price: $68.00
Mechanisms in Gonadal Differentiation in Vertebrates: Proceedings, Freiburg, FRG, 1982 - W. ... by Franke, W. W., Mueller, U. ISBN: 9780387124803 List Price: $79.95
Recent Developments in Theoretical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics: Compressible and Incomp... by Mueller, U., Roesner, K. G.... ISBN: 9780387092287 List Price: $59.00